Warmth called love.




she stood there

under the moon

like a angel,

waiting to be shown

the path of happiness

without being mislead

again to the road of

sadness in the name

of love.


Now she realized

the difference b/w

being just hugged

and feeling the

warmth of someone’s

soul assuring you the

forever you always

dreamt without even

having to say anything

or fake a promise.


looking back now

after all she’s been

through, she felt all

those heartbreak and

scared soul was worth

it coz, it was those

paths that led her to

the wonderful man

she has discovered now.



Shattered to strong..


We carry our scar

from past for a reason,

as time goes on it doesn’t

hurt us anymore.

but it stays with you

forever to remind you

of all the things you faced,

that moment you regained

your hope, the moment

when you felt death

When only person that

made you happy ripped

your soul and shattered

your heart into million

Pieces, where each of that

pieces still loved them and

yet made you stronger

than ever when they left.

fog of the past


She sat there admits

the cold breeze that

constantly tried to make

her smile, while brushing

away the fake smile

she wore like a mask

that protected her.


She gracefully inhaled

the cigarette in her

hand like it kept her

alive and protected

her from the truth

She doesn’t have

to inhale.


her eyes held answers,

to all those questions

that went unasked

from those who meant

the world for her.


She took her hand and

elegantly moved back

her hair that wind

had brought forward

like the waves waiting

To meet the shore.


Cigarette in her hand

was almost done, when

the flame of it burned

the tip of her hand,

and suddenly she

threw way that

cigarette like the

pain which held her

from growing forward

and moved on like

a sun pouring light

everywhere in the

street called life.

Flames of desire.

LLL d 29 _5194.NEF

candle light on the

table started melting

for the flames of

desire that table was

surrounded by.


their eyes looked

deep into each others

soul that longed love

and all the happiness,

that life never wanted

them have.but now it was

their time to deceive life.


he held her hand

reassuring, no amount

of sadness and pain

they go through can

rip them apart,

or at least not in this

lifetime of forever.


she smiled again,

but this time she

was happy cause she

now realised she had

that person in her life

who could see through

those lips which hide

all it’s sorrow in that

curvy and sexy smile

of hers.

Aisle ..


have you ever loved someone

Who never cared for 

your existence , who broke 

you beyond all those love 

you held to save them.

those unbearable pain 

of your soul desiring 

to have them When, 

you know all you could do

 is see them disappear into 

the dark and embrace it with

someone they love, leaving 

you fight with that dark all alone .

She gracefully took all 

his happiness and set 

his soul on fire before 

she walked down the 

aisle carefully without 

having to walk all over his 

broken piece of heart 

on her way out.

Door of betrayal.


She sat alone amidst crowd

tear rolled down her face

she needed to feel his warmth

against her skin to comfort her

in a way no words could do.

She cursed herself to seeing

him again, there was sudden

urge in her to be with him again

and just the thought of being

together made her to be broken

in every way once again.

She wanted him to hold her

again like those old times,

where being in his arms made

her forget the sorrows that

surrounded her like a ocean

which is mercilessly taking

away from a mother whose

life was her child.

She remembered those

moments where going a

night with out being cuddled

by him made her day incomplete,

those passionate love making,

but now everything seems so

Painful and mere illusion of


He came to her life opening

a door, a door of happiness ,

a door of freedom , a door

that brought unconditional

love, she thought that never

existed in the home of her heart,

she now kept that door closed

forever closed in the lock of

the brokenness he gave.

Dance with the moonlight 

They stood there 

Under the moonlight 

dancing like all those 

stars are taking away

all those pain that 

once tried to rip 

them apart.
he held her from 

her waist and looked

deep down in her 

eyes and let that

silence between 

them scream out 

how much they 

meant to eachother.
he kissed her gently 

On her lips and she

responded to that kiss

ferociously,like his 

lips is thing that 

kept her alive.
Pauses between those 

Kisses felt like years of 

longing,he kissed her

once again on her 

collarbone,warm air of his 

breathe brushed her back 

and made her explore the 

more of him like a poet 

finding those perfect words 

he lost a long back.

Road of happiness 

And then,she realized not

every person whom

we love must destined

to be a part of our

life forever.
And then,she learnt

loving someone for a

lifetime and living

with someone we love

are the two different thing.
And then,she looked

into those same stars

under those where

she had been promised

so many things and

realizing promises and

wishes barely come true.
And then,she learned

to carry all those

broken pieces of

her life like

a bride carrying

her gown gracefully

while walking a

down the aisle
but now,she smiled

not because she

was relieved from

the pain she was

entangled to at the

end she realized no

amount of pain

can stop her

being happy again.

how do you?


how do you stop loving
someone who meant the
world to you,around whom
all your world revolved.

how do you stare into
the same eyes of someone
who once said they loved you
and not see the love that
once their eyes held.

how do you suddenly
just shake hands with them,
when they once said
nothing comforts them
better than the warmth
of your hug.

how do you convenience your
stupid heart that still wishes
to kiss those same lips
that served you many
lies one kiss at a time.

how to do you look at
them and say to yourself
that you have loved them
enough and now it’s time
for someone else to love,
it’s like someone seeking
your permission to destroy
you’re soul.