3 Days Quote Challenge- Day 1

Thank you Akhila for the nomination.

Few rules before taking this up:-

• 3 Days challenge with quotes on each day
• 3 Nominees each day, not repetitive.

Set of people i nominate :-

Here’s Goes my quote(@Digitalidrop is my twitter handle)



  1. Akhila · June 8, 2016

    thanks stranger for accepting the challenge with a wonderful start..

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  2. ssunshine14 · June 8, 2016

    So very true!!

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  3. Chandni Asnani · June 9, 2016

    Hey Mr Stranger, thankyou for the nomination! ☺☺
    And btw, the quote is very correct. 😐

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  4. Pratyusha · June 9, 2016

    this is so true 🙂

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  5. Ξnigma · June 9, 2016

    So apt. But the happy people will still be happy.

    I think it should be *these days.

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  6. Jessica Axe · June 15, 2016

    Hey there, I have nominated you for the Liebster award. Please check out my post and the instructions here: https://waywardorphan.com/2016/06/15/yayy-an-award-d/#more-328 .

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    • voiceofastranger · June 15, 2016

      Thank you Jessica for nominating me for the award will surely do it.and hope your doing well..😊

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      • Jessica Axe · June 16, 2016

        You’re welcome 🙂 you have great writing. Thanks for supporting my writing, stay in touch!

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