Thank you.

Thank you life,for teaching me how to smile holding back all those feeling that is killing you from inside.
Thank you love for making me realize no matter how hard we love few people,they can only return hatred for us.
Thank you broken trust,for making me aware of not believing everyone who said they loved me.
Thank you for the broken heart,it helped me fight those battle all alone that i thought i was never ready to fight alone.
Thank you past ,you made me realize that having some people in our memory long after they gone is just to make us not to go back to that kind of the person every again.
Thank you for the fake promises,it teached me to believe in actions rather than the plain words.
Thank you for the people who left me,they helped me realize we can always leave with out the people whom we thought we could never live our life without.




CkVBcXDUUAAbhOi.jpg large.jpgI know it is oxygen
that keeps me
alive,but you’re the
reason why inhale
that oxygen just to
have that one more
conversation with you.

I know there is a
whole of a world
to live my life,but only
lying next to you
and wrapping you
in arms makes me
feel i’m alive.

I know there are
many singers i
love just because
of their voice,but
trust me sweetheart
nothing beats hearing
your voice that
call’s my name.

I know i have many
people in my life
that makes me smile,
but being with you  
makes me happy and
calm’s down chaos
in the soul.

I know i was afraid
that i might not find
my soulmate to spend
my life,but honey
if i knew i was made
to wait for this i would
have held all those
silence just to make
our silence speak
while my eyes enjoyed
how beautiful of eyes
you have.


Sometimes we love,to get hurt



Sometimes we love someone
who broke us apart and made
us not recognize our self,but yet
we stay with them just because
it’s better have pain with them
around than have unbearable
pain of not having them around us.

Sometimes we love someone
who isn’t present around us
to care about us,make us smile
during our tears and to
give us that warmth hug
that speak with our soul.

Sometimes we love someone
who breaks us into pieces
where every scar is incurable
yet we pretend to have
completely cured and move
ahead thinking we are
just completely fine where
deep down it’s hard to accept
that someone buried to every hope
of yours in front of your eyes.

Sunshine Blogger Award


Hey people:)

Hope you all are doing good.It’s been over a month a dear friend krati, nominated me for Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you so very much dear for nominating me.

Do visit her blog and i am sure you’ll thank me for suggesting to go through her blog,you can thank me later first visit her blog.

This is my first nomination in any blog award,so just giving it a try.Well if you see any puns in any answer just make you ignore it and skip ahead just like you skip through  the negative things in life.

Rules for the nominations:

  • Thank the person for nominating you.
  • Answer the 11 questions set by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and make up another questions for them to answer.

Here are the set of ll questions and my answer:

1)when and how did you start writing first?

  • It’s been almost two years i started writing stuffs,but i learned to improvise it and present it in a good manner since i joined twitter.

2)what is your least favorite food?

  • Well tbh as of now i am on someone kind of serious diet,it’s been over a month i last had a good complete meal.But the least favorite food for me would be sweets coz i never love any kind of sweets.

3)what is your favorite movie?

  • being the fan of Leonardo Dicaprio it’s hard to choose one specific movie among all his excellent work.I’d go with TITANIC as my favorite movie as it includes one more charmer kate winslet.

4)what is the strangest dream you can remember?

  • nothing as far as i remember because i have very short span of memory.

5)guilty pleasures?

  • Nope,guilty doesn’t pleasures a person.It’s hard to have guilt in your heart and at the same time trying to move ahead in life.

6)how much time do you spend blogging?

  • i usually prefer to blog during mid night,as i am not much of a morning person.

7)why did you start this blog?

  • It’s been a over two months,i started blogging.

8)what is your dream job?

  • You might find it odd,but i never dream of things to happen.It’s hard to accept something you dreamt all your life  can never happen,being in that situation terrifies you.

9)where do you wish to see yourself in next five years?

  • Somewhere in the place where there is chaos and peace at the same time.

10)pick one song that is the anthem of your life.

  • When You Love Someone by Bryan Adams.

11)four words to describe yourself.

  •  Just one another person

Will surely do that nomination in my pending award i have ,sorry was bit busy to do that nomination part krati.




Mystery isn’t she?

Ci6gapfVEAAGzuT.jpg large.jpg

  • A girl can laugh at all the silly things her friends,but only the person in her heart can make her lips spread into smile while her cheeks are swimming in tear.

  • A girl can be angry about waking up her in the early be pissed at you,but she always appreciates hearing you’re voice greeting good morning.

  • A girl can shake her hand with everyone,but she’ll only put her arms in your shoulder and tell her about her priorities when she knows your trust-able.

  • A girl can thousand of friends to help her,if she comes to you with her problem it just means your someone who she treasure in her life.

  • A girl can be happy with person she talks,but she’ll openly cry only in front off those who knows the value of her tears.

  • A girl can have thousands of unexplained to reason to not to talk with you,but she knows she can’t pass a single day taking to someone who means a world to her.

  • A girl can tell you to not to talk her,but she will be eager to see your name displayed on her mobile phone.

  • A girl could have c many guys,but it takes a special one to see her future with him.

  • A girl never wishes someone to bring moon down to them,all they need is someone who could just lay next to them and make those star even more beautiful laying next to the them.

  • A girl always dreams of fairy tale romance,but they’ll never let that tale continue if it isn’t the guy she loves.

  • A girl can yes to so many things in her life,but you know you’re the most special and treasured person to her when she says yes to your proposal.

  • A girl can give her hands to guys for many reasons,but you know you’re the lucky if she gives her hand and to walk down aisle for your marriage.

  • A girl can kiss you many times from the time she accepted your proposal,you know you have respected,cared and loved her enough to get a chance to kiss her in-front of the world that seals your relationships.

    P.S;- Girls don’t always speak through words sometimes you have read their silence to know how much they care you.