Broken soul..

Everyone wanted her to share her bed with them,but only he wanted her to share a part of her broken soul.





Broken heart,
Isn’t that what you call yourself when you are left all alone by the one’s who promised never to leave,it’s hard to express out how you feel when you can’t even know what you feel.Sometimes you feel empty,lonely,betrayed by all happiness you were promised to
have from the life.You don’t want to got to and hangout with your friends,laugh at the jokes or at least cry and let out your emotions coz you know person whom you laughed with and the shoulder you once cried on is no more hear to see that or make things correct instead they are the reason you are sad.You might feel like your losing the grip of your life and hearing the word love will rip’s your soul apart for the pain that has given.Your phone that always used to get your touches is now merely an
asset that holds the documentation of the wrong person you love.they are days where you have enormous amount of pain in the chest that no amount of ginger juice can’t heal but just remember those happy time spent with that one will make us comfort for sometime and take you to a ride of hell.No matter how many times you get hurt,you accept an unsaid apology and try to forgive them as if they are coming back well some call it stupidity,some call it Love.We often forget that the more we try to forget some we end up remembering them most.when you finally decide to move on in your there are few questions that haunt you “Can i love someone back again”? ,”should i wait for him/her to comeback”, “should i talk to them one last time”. After few months  you start stating sentences like your happy again with out them,you don’t need them to come back to you and have learnt to lead a life happily without them and deny the fact the your sad and broken completely to be happy again and between all these you realize the person who promised to imprint the happiness in your heart has left deep scars on soul that will remain with forever as honor given for the love to the person who once was your world.people around you start suggesting you to move on,tells out that it’s not even that big of deal but you know it’s not them who are having the wounds at every single breathe they take and they are not the facing the consequence just because you loved more than themselves.people often forget that they are not the one who are carrying all those pain in there back and pretending to be all happy.And now all of a sudden all those feelings you didn’t feel you in the start hits you like tsunami and tears apart all the shield that protected you not cry anymore on that topic anymore.After having spent countless hour in your locked sitting on your couch and crying your heart out you realize if that person really loved you and wanted you to be in love they would have went a long way to stay in your life.You know you can’t unlove someone who
meant something much than yourself and it’s even harder to walk away leaving something when that is the only thing you ever wanted.When you see that person there are butterflies in your stomach again,the urge to hug them and feel there moist lips on yous once again,but you realize that is not going to happen ever again and laugh how crazily you were in love them and still a part of you craves them and can do anything it can to get back.but then again you realize how a single person can come into to your life and damage every part of you and makes you not recognize yourself anymore and teach what is like to have some much unexpressed pain in your heart yet have the smile that makes people think how happy we are in person.

Don’t let destiny write your love story..

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It’s always fun to be single and enjoy the freedom you get in it,but being in relationship with right one is one of best feeling ever.
Waking up and seeing those good morning messages and having someone who could call you up just listen your sleepy voice and tell how beautiful of voice you have got .When you have bad day and want to skip all your food and you know there is a person in your
who won’t let that happen and take cares you have food in time..Having someone’s shoulder to  lean on when you’re feeling alone and left out,when you’re sick is such a blessing.Small fight in relationship are what makes it even more strong,being angry on
them for silly mistakes they did and being mad at them and screaming at your top voice not to talk to them forever but calling them and checking if they are fine just after 5minutes of fight are the cute moments that cherishes till the end..Being up all night just because they are not sleepy even when your at the peak of sleep just to see that smile in there face that is worth more than everything..Constantly checking all the messenger if they have texted you after those small fight and throwing the phone as if it was it’s fault they didn’t call you..Walking up in the midnight and realizing you didn’t tell him/her i love you in the entire day and dialing up there number in the midnight just say those words and ending up talking to them till sun makes an interruption just to make you realize it’s already a new day..Keeping all your apart and saying the sorry to that person just so you can’t spend a
moment talking without them and then having one more argument on whose mistake it was.that frustrating moment when you desperately need their voice to cheer you up and calling them and finding their mobile busy or another call..Seeing them happy and knowing you are the reason behind can makes you even more happier,Discussing and planning about the future where and how to live,and naming all those un born babies and disagreeing the name suggested by one another saying mine selection of name is better,kissing and making them forgive those mistake done with out knowledge,cuddling them to sleep and waking up in the arms of someone you love is one of best early morning feel ever.and & the list goes on.

Now a days we hear people telling never to believe in love,never to trust people,loving someone deeply is easiest way of breaking your heart,yes i do agree but just because
one person betrayed you doesn’t mean ever person out there will do the same.Never let one bad relationship of the past ruin something that could be best relationship of your life,love is something that exists to be cherished and live with not something we just talk about.



N’ever'(y) Walk alone..


There she is standing
amidst the thousand
people wandering if
there is someone
out there who
still has something
to do with her
broken pieces.

Every breathe she
took made her
remember of all
those kisses she
placed and sealed
on to his holding
her breathe,so that
even her breathe
won’t stop her from
staying on his lips
that once said how
important she meant
to him.

Every step on the
road took her
to the places
that remembered
her of all those
small romantic walks,
those visits of the
coffee shop ignoring
the rain,now here she
was cursing her
footsteps for
not being able
to take her to that
person who once
promised her she
will never walk alone.


If i ever knew….



If i ever knew
this is was the
last time i was
about your met
each others i
would have stared
at it until you
realized all my
eyes needed
was to see you
every single day

If i ever knew
this was the last
time i talked
you i just want to
go back and
speak with your
silence that helped
me know how to
make you stay

If i ever knew
this was the last
time i am kissing
you i would made
 sure that my lips
would have let you
know how much
it needed you
to share all it’s
hidden stories
with yours lips on it.

If i ever knew
this was last time
you walked with
me,i just wanted
to make sure
you left me to
gates of death
so i would never
walk again
with-out you.



her eyes held
those puzzle
that waited
for someone
to solve it.

her lips
had learnt
to smile
when it had
thousand reasons
to shout and
cry for all
those sorrow

her scars
held a millions
of stories
that needed
to love and embrace
all of it.


I’m no pro at writing poem in hindi just giving it a try as Chandni Asnani suggested me to  .Hope you like it  Chandni ..:)


Zindagi guzar jati hai
kiske pyaar pane mai aur
woh maula urf tak nahi
karti us pyaar ko
chin ne mai

Naa ujaad khuda kiske
sache pyaar ko
barso lag jagta
hai bas pyaar
ko dund ne mai

Everything she ever desired..<3



he was everything
she ever desired,
he gave her
thousand other
reason to be happy
when she wanted to
cry and changed
those of tears of
sadness into
euphoric one.

She never believed
in magic until
his magical touch
and presence in her
life healed all
those scars of
the past that tried
to bury her soul.

She never believed
in the bonding
until his lip
kissed her lips and
shared all those
hidden feeling
that no one in
all this years
ever noticed.

she never believed
in the romances
of winter until he
hugged her and
kissed every part
of her that made
her body numb
not coz of the
winter,just in
the realization of
how all her broken
pieces are back

Hell she built for me..


Now i cross
all those same
road we once
walked down
makes me
remember how
all this was
actually started..

now i stand
here remembering &
admiring you’re
beautiful smile
that made me happy,
and how your
cheeks once
seeked my lips
on it..

now i stand here
with an incurable
ache and pain in the
chest that no amount
ginger juice can reduce

                          now i stand here                              
where my cheeks
are getting wet
with constant
trail of tears and
i am all  set to
enter the hell
you built in me
to stay in…